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Taj Mahal, India, 2004


I would love to hear from you. Please email me at with your comments. Please feel free to let me know if you want your comments, pictures or email address deleted from this page as well.


I like to thank the following kind hearted people for taking few moments to give me few inspirational feedback.

Date Comments

Subject: Thank you for your Taj photos

A very Good Afternoon Bipu,

 I was engaged to a wonderful Indian man at the Taj a year ago in January.  We are anxiously awaiting for his visa to be approved.  I am planning our wedding and as a dedication to him and where we were engaged we are having a ice sculpture of the Taj and the Mosque and Guest House.  My photos were not sufficient for the artist to get an accurate replica, but when I came upon your website it was perfect.  The icing on the cake was the photo from space -- you have a wonderful talent and many many thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with the world.  I know we surely appreciate it.

Here is our actual photo of engagement! 

Captain Carrie Lauer

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Subject: well done


Hi Bipu,

I stumbled across your website when searching for pictures of the Gateway of India. Truly a remarkable visual documentary of your life. It is nice to see in how many different ways can a person show his affection to his loved ones. Really moving. I specially liked all the b/w pictures of your parents. Even I got nostalgic, don't know why. Keep up the good work.

Regards, Prasenjit Bordoloi, India

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2/17/08 Subject: Excellent Web Site

Dear Bipu Bhai,
First of all , Congratulation! for developing such a wonderful web site. I have really amazed how strong the family life is ! no matter which country we are living. It sounds good when the word "Dada/Da" is heard. It's my great pleasure to visit your photographic exhibition.
May Allah bless you.
Good Luck!
Md. Nasiruddin Chowdhury
Bsc. In Mechanical Engineering
Dhaka /Bangladesh.

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The Flag of Bangladesh

Subject: Congratulation

Congratulation for develop such a wonderful and different concept site. Bangladeshiís have great fame for composed family. For better prospect we people are leaving in different part of the world, missing greatly close and known faces. No doubt this website is a model of composed family after being leaving apart. Simple concept but very useful. It could be batter if all tunes track are taken from Bangladeshi songs. Vhalo Thaken.

Abul Hassan Robin, Managing Director, Infobase Ltd.

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The Flag of Bangladesh


Subject: Very Nice Website


Dear bipu,

I am a graduate student of Information Engineering from China.I find you homepage accidently in my searching for a picture.Then,I find that this homepage is a very good one.And you have a nice family.

You have been to China,right? China is developed rapidly,and she becomes more open to welcome friends from differents countries.Our new generation of my country will do our best to develop our country better and also have a better life.

I wish you could come back to China at you free time with you family.China have many beautiful places and friendly people.My blog is .I don't konw whether you understand chinese,but just welcome you visit my blog.

Thank you for sharing such a nice websit.And I'm waiting for you and your family in China. 

Information Engineering school of WuHan university of technology,hubei prov.,China


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Subject: Really Nice family website


Dear Bipu,
I was surfing the web and came across your website. I enjoyed going through your family pictures and I feel proud for your family. I am sure your parents and your wifeís parents are extremely proud of you and your wife. You seem to have a wonderful family and Allah has blessed you with a lot of happiness. As you can also see travelling also broadens oneís horizon and you have travelled much.  May Allah bring you more happiness in your life. (amen)
I enjoy travel as well, however for the last 10 -12 years I have not travelled much. I live in Canada (Toronto). I am originally From Karachi (Pakistan), when I was very young I once went to Dhaka and Chittagong with my Father to attend a wedding and remember the places still. If you ever travel to Canada please look me up and we can meet for a coffee. I have four kids and they will be starting university as of next year (Inshallah).
Feroz Hyder , MCSE CISSP MScIS (Security) MBA, Canada


Subject: Very Nice website


Dear Bipu,

I am Dr Russell Alam. I qualified  as a dentist from Dhaka Dental College in 1999 and then moved to Uk in 2001 for post graduation in Maxillofacial Surgery. At present I am working as a Maxillofacial Surgeon in Greater Manchester and Lancashire Hospital. I was searching Dhaka Dental college on google and all of a sudden saw my  Principal Dr Sayed Mozammel Hussain (Chanchal Dada). It was such a great feelings to see my principal  and his Son in Law Dr Bintu in Japan after a long time. Had a great flash back of old memory in Dhaka Dental College.  Your chanchal dada is a true gentle man I have ever seen.  May I please take this opportunity to thank you once again for developing such a really nice website and made your family members much closer to each other.

Russell Alam, UK


Home Page:


Hi Bipu Bhaia

Thanks for sending the web site. I saw all pictures. Uncle and Aunt looked very happy and satisfied. I feel jealous, when I see them as, they have a boy like you.

 Shuvra, Email Address:

Folsom, California

6/24/2007 Dear Mr. Bipu:
Congratulation, you have done a great job for you and for your family. I have surfed your family web page abba and amma and happy to see you all. I am from Bangladesh living in Canada and working for local government in London, Ontario. As a Bangladeshi I feel proud of you.
Arif Zaman
London, Ontario N5V 4P8
Canada  Email Address:


Hello Bipu,
I thought it would be fun to tell you this. I am a home schooling mother of two. This week we are traveling across Canada with help from video clips and photos off the internet. I found your lovely photos of Canada and will use them to show the children these places.  You are blessed to have seen so much of our planet. You look serious in your photos, smile Bipu smile you are living a dream with all your travels and your family is beautiful. Thank you.

Carol, Ottawa, Canada

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Hi Bipu,

I was surfing, looking for a good map of Dhaka as Iíll be visiting soon and where did I get the best one from? Answer is your site; thanks a lot for that. And by the way, I managed to sneak into you other beautiful pictures as well and must say, was very impressed. You know what I like about your site is, it has life, too much of it. They way youíve captured family, places and along with them, time, are just beautiful. Keep up and enjoy life to the fullest.

All the best. Kind regards,

Nurul Matin, Australia

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Hi, I am Krace from China. I came acrossed your website when I was searching for photos of Iguassu Falls. They are helpful. So I decided to you this letter to say thanks. Your photos just showed me a complete view of the wonderful Iguassu Falls. Thanks again. And you have a wonderful family too. Wish all of you the best! Have a nice day!

Krace from China

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8/2/06 HI BIPU,




Hello Bipu!
I'm Kerstin and I live in Austria. I was searching pictures from the Oral Roberts University for school aims. I was astonished at how many places you have visited with your family. I look forward to visit also as many places and countries as you did when I'm older. Your pictures are interesting and give a short look of your amazing life.
Greetings to you and your family,


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Subject: Happy family!!!!!


I think you are a member of the happiest family I have ever seen.  Have a nice life!!!!!!!!!!

With Regards,

Muntaseer Billah, UK 

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Thank you for introducing me to your family and friends. Your work and magnificent out put is impressive.

Kismat Hashem, USA

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Dear Bipu,

I came across your website after doing a search for some photos.  I was amazed at the places you have been.  My family and I love to travel as well.  Here are just a few photos that you can seeÖ  You can also see some photos from another website of mine

I am from Oklahoma and saw that you attended school there.  I went to the University of Oklahoma.  I lived in Fort Worth, Texas for eight years also.  Now my family and I are living in Japan.  I own an IT company in Fort Worth but Iíve been working on my business in Japan for the past two years.  I am the CEO of Webguardian, Inc.  

If you are ever back in Japan please email me so I can take you site seeing around Tokyo etc..  

Hope to hear from you soon.  Keep up the great website!!

Kind Regards to you and your family!

Ed Weaver, Japan

Hello Bipu:

My name is Vicki and I live in North Dakota.  I was searching the internet for images of the North Pole when I found your website.  I loved all of your photos, I agree with others from your guestbook, what a blessing that you can travel as you do.  We will only dream of traveling as you have.

My daughter asked Santa in her letter to him this year, if he would leave a photo of himself for her on Christmas Eve.  Well, I not only found a photo that will be great of him, but now your photo in front of the Post Office at The North Pole!!!!  It will be labeled for her, "Friends at the Post Office".  She'll FLIP when she sees it Christmas morning!!!!  Thank you for taking that picture, without even knowing it, you have answered a little girl's wish from Santa. 

Vicki---Valley City, North Dakota, USA

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Dear Bipu,
My seven year old daughter and I found your website while studying volcanoes and searching the Internet for pictures of Crater Lake in Oregon, USA. 
You are blessed to be able to have traveled so much, and to enjoy the sights and people from all over the world.  We are happy to be able to travel through your pictures to places we may never actually be able to visit. 
Thank you for sharing your adventures!  And I think that you are a fine photographer! 
New York, USA 

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Subject: your web site

You have a beautiful website we really enjoyed it. We can tell that a lot of time, love, and care went into our site. thank you for sharing it with the world.


Teresa, USA

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Subject: Very nice website

Dear Bipu bhai,

Salam. I found your website while browsing another Bangladeshi website. You have a unique website. I liked the pictures of beautiful places you have visited. You have a very friendly way of presentation.
As I went through the website it felt like you are building a friendship with people by introducing yourself, your family and telling your stories. I bet this website brought you many new friends. The musics in the background are great and well matched. It's very nice of you to share your experiences with everybody. Wish you all the best.

Till then.

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3/14/05 Subject: Thanks

My daughter is learning all about Egypt at the moment and we have been using your wonderful site to illustrate the many facts about Egypt - a wonderful resource, thanks from Holly and me!
Kind regards


3/4/05 Subject: Your Egypt pictures

We are studying ancient Egypt at our elementary school. When I Googled Saqarra, it gave me your web site. It is wonderful! The children really enjoyed seeing photographs of the things and places we have researched. It made Egypt real for them. My bilingual Spanish speaking students were excited to compare the pyramids of Egypt with the pyramids of Mexico. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with my students.

Mary Siptak
Reed Elementary

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2/23/05 Hello:

I came across your family pix while searching thru the net for a name (no relation to yours). Didn't mean to be nosey, but just out of curiousity, clicked on your link and was I glad I did! Brought back a lot of familiar memories. You see, I was born in Chittagong, B-Desh and have been living here for "millions of years". Not at all connected with the B-Deshi anymore since I married a non-Bangladeshi (no complaints though!).
Thanks for "allowing" me to view pix of gayeholud, traditional jewelleries, clothes, dressing style, food and family. Thanks for letting me re-live some of my old childhood memories.

Mira, USA

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Your pictures are amazing.  You did an extremely good job and the presentation is excellent.  Thank you for sharing them with the general public.  You pictures are very professional and your web-site one of the best I've reviewed. Thanks again for sharing and enjoy.

I was looking for information on Iguassu Falls, which we're going to visit next year after going on an Antarctica cruise.  Yes, I do have a broadband connection and as I mentioned in my email, it is probably one of the best sites I've ever visited. The speed for me was perfect. 

The feeling I left with, after visiting your site, was as if I was part of your family or a very close friend, and you were sharing your experiences with us.  I was so impressed with your site (and the presentation) that Iíve sent it to others, simply because it was so well presented.

The sounds and format were astounding. 

Walter Krywucki

Email Address:


Subjuet: Web Page

All I can say is amazing!!!!! Wonderful job! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I loved to see all your pictures.

Elmer Oaks

Email Address:


Subject: Website


Absolutely brilliant web site. I am hoping to go to Egypt in October.


Email Address:

4/10/04 Subject: beautiful site

Dear Bipu and Maniza,

I found your site browsing for photos of Iguassu Falls and have to say, I love the photos of your family.
Beautiful site, very well laid out and excellent photosof your travels.  I love to travel as well and you have inspired me to see many places I have not yet been.
Thank you for sharing ~

God Bless you and yours ~ Laura  Portland OR USA


Email Address:

3/20/04 Subject: i just loved your web site and your family pictures

Bipu bhai...
My name is Bobby..from connecticut usa. i do wanna introduce myself with you....
I am a student at southern connecticut state in connecticut..i am majoring at computer information system.i am senior at my college. i am living with my elder brother..who is doing a great Ct a system analyst. one of my sister lives in arizona, phoenix. anyway, Bipu bhai i gotta tell you this .....i just loved your web site and the have shared ...just loved it. by the way i found your lovely web site through browsing... thanks so much for sharing your lovely moments with us.  my email id is
Allah keep you safe. pass my salam to your abbba/ammma.


Email Address:

Subject: I can't explain my feelings.....!!!

Mr Bipu,

Really I cant explain my feelings about myself what I write about your website. The great links, beautifull picture, moreover u arrange them in a group which is very comfortable for very new user's to expart one to find out and share the joy. Really u did a great deed. The most attractive is ur photo album link. I wanna see more place at your site next. I hope only you can fill my expectation coz such a travel minded people like you can do this. I wish your great work.

subbir khan

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2/9/04 Subject: Humayun from Bangladesh

Dear Bipu,
Its an excellent web page which can be easily watch your all data along with photo.

Thanking you,
Humayun Kabir
Bangladesh Biman Corporation

Email Address:

Subject: Wonderful Pictures


 I have really enjoyed looking at your pictures. I can't get around like I use to due to both of my knees being bad.  But your pictures are the next best thing for me. They make me forget about my limits in getting around.  Your pictures made me feel like I was there. You have also got me interested in buying a digital camera. Please keep on Clicking.
John A. Threadgill

Email Address:

dear bipu bhai & maniza bhabi
one word i have visiting your web site - impressive!
wonderful web design too. best wishes for you and your family. my particular is below, really not important though. thnx again, bye

Moudud Hasan

MASc Candidate, Transportation
Department of Civil Engineering, UBC

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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