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Why the Colloseum of Rome is special  
The Colloseum of Rome in Italy is truly colossal - it stands 50 meters (165 feet) high and measures 185 meters (600 feet) in its longest dimension. The Colloseum was large enough to hold 50,000 roaring spectators when it was inaugurated in 80 AD. Today, nearly 2,000 years later, it is one of the most recognized archaeological monuments on earth.

Why the Colloseum was built
The Flavian Roman Emperors built the Colloseum for entertaining their subjects (and to distract their minds from the woes of the time). Among the most popular "crowd pleasers" were bloody contests pitting gladiators against gladiators or wild beasts. Even naval battles were staged (the arena was flooded for those events).


Stairway to 2nd floor




The Trevi Fountain 

The Trevi fountain was built by the architect Salvi in 1735 and decorated by several artists of Bernini's school. It is the front of a large palace decorated with statues and bas-reliefs on heaps of rocks. The fountain is not only celebrated for its excellent water but for the legend that whoever throws a coin in the fountain, will return to Rome.




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