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Seattel from Sea Plane
Hurricane Ridge

Mount Shuksan


Washington is one the most beautiful states I have been. When I was Houston, I bought a big American car to cruise but I had no where to go but Galveston. That has changed ever since I moved to Washington. There are too many mountains to explore, too many islands to go and not enough time. The only bad thing about Washington is that it rains a lot in winter. The opposite thing I complained when I was in California  that there was not enough rain. Looks like I got what I wanted.



Skagit Valley Tulip Festival



Seattle - From Harbor Cruise








Trip to Leavenworth


San Juan Island



Snoqualmie Falls




Mount St Helens

Before the eruption



Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Original bridge plunged into Puget sound in 1940







Snoqualmie Falls

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